Perl Programming with Application to Bioinformatics

Welcome to the page for the course Perl Programming with Application to Bioinformatics at Uppsala University!


Application closed for now.

Course textbook

Learning Perl – 6th Edition (Randal L Schwartz, Brian D Foy, Tom Phoenix) ISBN 1449303587 (Adlibris, Amazon, O’Reilly)

We may refer to the book simply as LP in some of the exercises.

Schedule & Chapters

Inga händelser att visa.

Course plan, exercises and lectures

Map of BMC

BMC: Enter through the C11 entrance. The lecture and computer lab hall is called “Trippelrummet” and is located on the bottom floor of the SciLife building “Navet” (E10 on the map).

Additional resources

  • Perldoc (online syntax documentation)
  • Perlmonks (a very friendly and helpful online community of Perl hackers [but search before you ask a new question!])
  • Beginning Perl (online introduction to Perl)


  • Lectures: Matthew Webster
  • Exercises: Andreas Wallberg, Erik Axelsson, Olof Karlberg
  • Course website: Andreas Wallberg